Smile Kit - Light Therapy Teeth Whitening System (Wired)

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This Smile Kit will make you want to smile all the time! Want pearly whites without the pain and have the convenience of the service at home?  Grab this new addition to the boutique!  These are flying off the shelf!
This kit is compatible with iPhone, Android, USB + USB-C. You can plug into your phone and chill or into your computer while you work! Features blue light therapy.
To whiten: twist your whitening pen, paint each tooth, plug your light in, set a 15 minute timer and relax. Once 15 min. are up, your teeth will be 2-3 shades lighter than they were before. 

Sold and recommended by dental professionals and educators. 
Vegan Friendly
FDA Cleared


Made by Beaut.Co; comes in a variety of spring colors.  You will get whatever color is available at the time of the order!  All the same kits, just different box and device colors just for fun!  Yours will be white, pink, green or blue.  How fun is that?

Includes 3 smile pens, 1 light, 1 shade guide and 1 instruction guide.
Grab the maintenance Brightening Bubbles here!  Once you reach your desired shade with your light, keep that shade with the Brightening Bubbles.  One squirt on your toothbrush once a day, and you will keep that new white shade!