Mixologie - Mini Keychain Rollerball

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An easy way to take your scents on the go with you!  Each rollerball is 1ml of fragrance and comes with an adorable keychain so you can attach it to your purse, gym bag or any other on-the-go bag.  These perfumes are alcohol, phthalate and paraben free!  Because of that they last a long time while you are wearing them and they have a subtle scent.  No more reapplying perfume throughout the day!

There are 12 different scents to choose from.  Grab a couple and mix them for a personal, blendable scent! (hint: you can't go wrong with blending any of them together.  So get crazy!)

Want to sample each one of them first?!  Grab a "Tiny Try Me Kit"! 

See below for the scent descriptions:

 Assured =   Natural

Charmed = Shot of Spice

Daring =     Spiked Punch

Electric =    Shot of Spice

Free =        Ocean Mist

Inspired =   Rose Floral

Risque =     Exotic Woods

Soulful =     Sheer Amber

Sultry =       Wild Musk

Tempted =   Coconut Kiss

Tenacious = Crisp Vanilla

Tender =      Fruity