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Sugar Mama Shimmer - Edible Glitter

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What a fun way to spice up your beverages and food WITHOUT changing the taste and texture of your treats!!  Sugar Mama Shimmer (a company founded by 2 sisters in Spring, TX - - - yay for women owned businesses!!), is edible glitter designed to make your food and drink the talk of the party (or the dinner table :)!!

Having a gender reveal party?  Have your guests shimmer their drink with their gender choice color!  Pink or blue???

Can't get your kids to eat their veggies?  Sprinkle on some shimmer and watch them devour those delectable green goodies :)

Want to impress your guests at your next dinner party or get together?  Grab some shimmer and get ready for the oooh's and ahhh's!

- - - Fast Facts - - -

  • Each 4g jar contains 30-40 servings! A little bit goes a long way so shimmer away!
  • Shimmer will not change the taste or texture of your food!
  • Several colors to choose from!

Shimmer is ALL the frees :)
Calorie Free, GMO free, dairy free, nut free, FDA approved ingredients and vegan.